Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Forgotten but Not Gone

Two stories that caught my eye recently:

* Loathsome bassist Gene Simmons of Kiss says the band won't be making any more albums, because the music industry as we knew it is dead. "It'd be nice to have new Kiss songs," says Simmons, "but what's the business model?" So anyone hoping to get Kiss Alive V: Live from Shooter's Lodge at the Travelodge in Muskegon, Michigan is going to be sorely disappointed.

* It was revealed that Kid From Left Field star Gary Coleman secretly married his girlfriend, Shannon Price, who is of normal height, last August in Nevada. Who exactly this was being kept secret from has not been released. To quote Jon Langford by way of the Old 97s, the devil doesn't care if you're a fish or you're a stick.

In a related development, I have decided not to accept big, lucrative banner ads for this blog. They would look trashy.

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