Tuesday, October 2, 2007

That Leaves Only Me to Blame 'Cause Katy Tried

OPC reader RS has done yeoman work in following up on our post on the origins of the Steely Dan album title Katy Lied, determining that in addition to Roger Clemens, the town of Katy, Texas, can also claim as its own Billy Bob Thornton, Renee Zellweger, Clint Black, and Janeane Garofalo, who, I'm betting, has spent the last twenty years severely downplaying her connections to Katy. Plus maybe ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill, although OPC reader RS is uncharacteristically obfuscatory on this last subject.

Katy is also the home to the Forbidden Gardens, which promises to "take you back to the third century BC to view the first Emperor's amazing 6,000 piece terra-cotta army replicated in 1/3 scale." The Forbidden Gardens was founded by someone calling himself Dr. Ira H. Poon, but come on, you can't fool me -- that's clearly a pseudonym, and we're betting it's that mysterious Doctor Wu at work again here behind the scenes. Be forewarned, though: Forbidden Gardens will be closing early on Saturday, with the last tour going out at 1:00 pm and the museum closing at 3:00. Perhaps Dr. Poon has Rockies tickets.

If you're going to the Forbidden Gardens, one option is to take the Katy, as immortalized in the song "She Caught the Katy": The Katy is in reality the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (or MKT) railroad, popularly known as the Katy long before Taj Mahal wrote that song in 1968, and the town of Katy was named after the railroad. But go on Sunday; as I said, they're closing early on Saturday.

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