Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Friend of OPC Marshall Sella has an interview with erstwhile "Benson" star Jerry Seinfeld in the current issue of GQ. Or rather, at points, Seinfeld interviews Sella, as when this sequence occurs:

Seinfeld: Do you think the Beatles were right to never get back together again?
Sella: Well, that was different.

One wonders where this interview would have gone if Seinfeld had really been able to drill down into Sella's psyche, flay him and leave his guts open for public display, as he did in that exchange. I am reminded of when Wil Shriner asked me if I really preferred Dreamboat Annie to Bebe le Strange. But I digress.

Sella approaches this kind of tables-turning again later in the interview, when he aggressively pushes his own kind of apiary nihilism on Seinfeld:

Sella: I read somewhere that a worker bee, in a whole lifetime, produces one-and-a-half teaspoons of honey.
[Hyphens in original]
Seinfeld: That seems like a lot.
Sella: Does it?
Seinfeld: You don't think it is? Look at the size of that guy! For you, that would be filling this whole room with honey.
Sella: But then, at the end of your life, you've got, what, a room of honey. What's that?

Seinfeld, unfortunately, doesn't take the bait and changes the subject. Our loss.

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