Saturday, October 13, 2007

Great Moments in American Jurisprudence

There was a guy who bought 60 tickets to various Rockies games in the National League Championship Series, with the generous intention of maybe finding some other people who would want tickets to the games, and might be willing to take them off his hands. And just maybe, those other folks would be willing to pay more for them than the original price.

Unfortunately, he had not advanced very far in this scheme when he attempted to sell some of the tickets to a pair of cops, who did not cotton to his generosity, and the scalper and 58 of his Rockies tickets all ended up locked away. The police say neither will be released in time for the series; the tickets will remain as evidence.

Wouldn't you think those tickets could be donated to some needy, deprived, Rockies-fan orphans? Or barring that, to me? Surely the Rockies could print up some duplicate tickets and leave the hot ones for evidence. As it is, I expect to see 58 police officers at Coors Field next week.

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