Friday, September 26, 2008

Three Facts About Peter Lorre

Shortly after the 1931 movie M came out, in which Peter Lorre played a child murderer (someone who murders children, that is; he was full grown at the time), a high-society dame came up to him at a reception in Berlin and kept pestering and pestering Lorre about how wonderful his performance was. "Did it really please you so much, madam?" Lorre finally said. "Well, then, send me your daughter in the morning."

Lorre and Cabinet of Dr. Caligari star Conrad Veidt made an unbeatable team at doubles Ping Pong. (No, I am not making that up.)

What do Peter Lorre and Edith Piaf have in common? They were both named after birds. "Piaf" means "sparrow" in French, and "lorre" means "parrot" in German.


11cents said...

Peter Lorre/Conrad Veidt ping-pong doubles team:

Marshall said...

The bird-name thing certainly explains why he was always repeating lines that were written for him in movies. (Hey, you forgot Peter Finch! And Russell Crowe. Kinda.)