Sunday, August 10, 2008


Could someone explain to us here at OPC why the admission of a past extramarital affair by a politician who currently holds no elective office and is seeking no elective office should become front-page news? John Edwards is in roughly the same position as Rudolph Giuliani. Would the admission of an extramarital affair by Giuliani be news at all? The question answers itself, doesn't it?

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tony s said...

From what I'm getting, the affair matters because he lied while he was a presidential candidate.

Whether the personal lives of politicians should be cause for disgrace is another matter. But since we're not in Europe, where this stuff is less significant, the media has gone with this rationale.

The influence of religion might have waned over the past few decades, but Americans are still hooked on what is allegedly "sinful" -- for other people, of course. The same thought process that makes the lives of politicians tabloid fodder is likewise used to keep medical marijuana from dying cancer patients.

The left's "religion" keeps fast food joints out of poor neighborhoods (see Half Sigma) and has largely redefined male-female relations as "harrassment" based on questionable subjectivity.

Welcome to America 2008, where both the right and left are declaring more "sins" every day. It was less insidious when the churches did this. Now we have to take side in a surreal football game of "ideas" where only the very rich win.

No one, it seems, is paying for Fannie Mae's sins or the sins of companies who outsource everything. Then there's that war. But the media isn't calling for penance and the public doesn't care.