Friday, August 8, 2008

Further Notes and Comment

Another new OPC commenter, tony s, has another non-singing credited artist for us to chew over:

Herb Alpert does qualify. He got to #5 in April 1987 with "Diamonds," which was sung by Janet Jackson and Linda Keith. Most people thought it was a Janet Jackson song.

I vividly remember "Diamonds," and knew it was a Herb Alpert song, so I should have caught that one. More from tony s:

Also, in May, 1972 an Aussie group named Python Lee Jackson got to #56 with "In a Broken Dream," where they hired Rod Stewart for just that session to sing lead. Don't bother digging it up for that, though; it's an awful song.

I wonder how much it costs to hire Rod Stewart for a session.

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Gavin said...

"Diamonds" was my first thought when you posed the question, but according to my Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits, it was credited to "Herb Alpert (with Janet Jackson)."

My pal Ted, at the time: "Yeah, if I was a record-company president, I'd hire Janet Jackson to sing on my single too."