Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Pretties

The New York Yankees commemorated their loss to the Blue Jays on Monday by forcing the team's rookies to dress up like characters from The Wizard of Oz for their trip down to Tampa. A lot of teams do this on a lesser scale, forcing rookies to make a road trip in dresses or, as was the case with the Rockies, diapers, but for the Yanks, of course, money is no object, so you're looking at Joba Chamberlain in a pricey Cowardly Lion suit, followed by Phil Hughes as the Tin Man.

A poster named Guapo over at Baseball Primer got off the best line about this whole scenario: "I got really baked before today's game and watched it with the sound turned down and Dark Side of the Moon on. It synced up perfectly."

1 comment:

the rocket of oz said...

Oh, I'd be tough and I'd be trouble
With an arm like ol' Carl Hubbell
And a brain like Oil Can Boyd's.
I'd be sly, I'd be sporty,
Winning Cy Youngs after 40
If I only had the 'roids!

I might pitch forever like Satchel,
No need to do it natch'l -
A fate that I'd avoid.
I could outlast Sabes and Gooden,
hit Piazza with something wooden,
If I only had the 'roids!