Friday, July 27, 2007

Regional Distresses

When I lived in Louisiana, every summer, when there would be thunderstorms, the power would go out. It go so you would expect the electricity to turn off every time it rained, although in reality it was probably more like once a week or two. It was a nuisance, but you got used to it. It's not like there was anything you could do about it.

Here in Denver, it's the traffic lights. Whenever there's a storm of any size, or even when there isn't, a light at a major intersection is bound to go on the fritz. I rarely drive during rush hour, but when I do, I almost always hear on the radio a traffic report warning of a light out somewhere important, or else run into one myself. And believe me, it makes traffic annoying in a whole new way.

I've lived in several other cities, and I don't remember ever being confronted with traffic lights conking out on major thoroughfares. I don't know what's wrong with Denver. But something surely is.

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