Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pass It On

If, like me, you've been traveling the last two weeks, you've seen a lot of signs in airports saying things like "Super man" next to a picture of Christopher Reeve, over a note reading "Strength: Pass It On," sponsored by the Foundation for a Better Life. If you've been in a middle school lately, you've seen plenty of these signs there as well. Now, this sounds to me an awful lot like the Human Fund, the charity George Costanza once pretended to support. How exactly does the Foundation for a Better Life propose to make my life better?

It turns out that its strategy consists solely of exhorting me to have the courage of Jackie Robinson or the tenacity of some 88-year-old college graduate. That's their entire mission.

But one thing it's definitely not is a Human Fund-style scam. The Foundation for a Better Life neither solicits nor accepts donations from taxpaying citizens. It is wholly funded by Phil Anschutz, the billionaire from out here in Colorado. He could do a lot worse things with all that money.