Thursday, January 15, 2009

Turning Japanese

Frequent OPC commenter Kinky Paprika, our only regular whose parents were big fans of "They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore" and also the only one who is heir to a Hungarian-spice fortune, has made an invaluable contribution to a long-dead thread, posting a video of Chicago singing "Question 67 and 68" in Japanese. According to the site where Kinky found this, Chicago had recut this song in Japanese in 1971 and performed it thusly on a tour of Japan in 1972. This clip, from 1995, purportedly is the only time since then that Robert Lamm and Jason Scheff - who replaced Peter Cetera on vocals and bass in 1985 - have sung it in Japanese onstage.

I should warn you: It's terrible. Scheff sings the lyrics like he's reading nonsense syllables out of a book by Dr. Seuss, and is clearly looking down at a TelePrompTer the whole time. On the brighter side, in case you couldn't figure out which song it was, he helpfully renders "Questions sixty-seven and sixty-eight" in English at the end.

Thanks, Kinky!


MJN said...

How can you be certain that I'm not also a Magyar scion?

T. Nawrocki said...

I suppose I can't be.

Kinky Paprika said...

Of course, Chicago then went and pissed away all their goodwill in the Nipponese market with the release of the 1975 single "Harry Truman."
(The man who dropped the atomic bombs is not tremendously popular there, as you might guess.)

At least, I've heard that story several times. I am still not totally sure it's true.

Innocent Bystander said...

I didn't think the clip was bad at all. I thought it fun.