Thursday, October 2, 2008

May Be Too Graphic for Some Viewers

Friend of OPC Gavin sends over a link to the hardy souls at Very Small Array, who have spent an inordinate amount of time recently sorting hit-record records into multicolored graphs. For me, the fascinating thing is trying to figure out what fits into the odd corners of the charts: What doo-wop hit went to Number One in 1978? "Kiss and Say Goodbye"? No, that was 1976. What Belgian song went to Number One in 1963? Wait, I know that one: "Dominique," by the Singing Nun.

They're using Cashbox, rather than the canonical Billboard rankings, so I can't look these things up. In a way, that makes it more fun.

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Joe said...

Point of orthographic information: the magazine was Cash Box, two words. I worked there.

Why on earth would anyone use the Cash Box charts? There's no way to be up to date. It stopped publishing in 1996. (Revived two years ago online, apparently, but that still leaves a ten year gap. And -- orthographic point retracted -- the online incarnation does seem to be one word.)