Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where in the World Is Bob Seger?

"Twelve hours out of Mackinaw City," Bob Seger sings in "Roll Me Away," "I stopped in a bar to have a brew." Now, let's hope he is not providing us with the sum and substance of his stops on this little trip, because twelve hours is an awfully long time to be riding a motorcycle without a break. (The line "Five hours out of Mackinaw City I stopped in a Big Boy to have a reuben" musta got left on the cutting-room floor.) Maybe he was wearing a Camelbak.

At the same time, he was clearly not kidding in needing a break if he went twelve hours without any stops worth discussing. So where did Bob get to? If he went through the plains to the mountains, he was going almost due west. And if he's sick of what's wrong and what's right, I think we can assume he was heedless of the speed-limit laws - let's say he was averaging 80 miles an hour. For twelve hours, that's nearly a thousand miles.

So where does that leave him? Kadoka, South Dakota, is 991 miles from Mackinaw City, so if he wasn't in a bar in Kadoka, he wasn't very far from it, either. Clean out of sight, indeed.


MJN said...

No way he gets all the way to Kadoka in twelve hours. There are no interstates in the U.P. It takes twenty minutes just to get through the Escanaba/Gladstone metro area. At best, he makes Sioux Falls; more likely, he's somewhere in Minnesota.

T. Nawrocki said...

But on his bike, through those back roads, he doesn't need an interstate to go really fast. Maybe someone could ask Seger how fast he tends to go on a state highway. I bet it's close to 80.

Indiana Joe said...

According to

As recounted in many interviews, the town 12 hours out of Mackinaw City is Rochester, Minnesota. The motorcycle he was riding was a Honda 1100.

Unknown said...

Ok I met Bob a few times I will ask next time I meet him when he is eating pizza with his family