Thursday, May 1, 2008

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty

When he was making his movie of Kafka's The Trial, Orson Welles preyed on Anthony Perkins' sense of guilt by constantly reminding him of his own homosexuality. It had the desired effect - if you watch it, you'll see Perkins alternately getting his back up over his persecution and acting as if he's hiding something, fearful of being found out.

Some people have suggested that this isn't true to the spirit of Kafka's book, where Josef K is not guilty of any crime, nor indeed is he ever informed what he's accused of. Therefore, Perkins shouldn't act like he has something to hide.

But I think that actually captures the spirit pretty well. We've all done things we sohuld be ashamed of, some of them even bordering on the criminal, so that when the secret police come along, we would probably al be wondering what crime we got nailed for.

Myself, a few weeks ago, I had nice things to say about Celine Dion. I imagine the Rock Critic Cops will come crashing through my door any minute now.

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