Friday, December 14, 2007

Class of 2008

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2008 has been announced, and I don't want to be the one who has to tell Bob Dylan that Wanda Jackson was passed over once again. The performers deemed more worthy than Ms. Jackson are:

Madonna Meh. "Crazy for You" may be the greatest sock-hop-closing song ever, and you can't deny that she's as famous as they get, and it is certainly a Hall of Fame. But this recognition seems more predicated on her videos, attitude, and formidable marketing skills than on her music. People who are more knowledgeable than me about these things may disagree, but I am just not feeling "Causing a Commotion" as a Hall-worthy achievement. Baseball equivalent: Pete Rose

Leonard Cohen I've written an awful lot about Leonard lately, so I don't need to reiterate that here. He's not exactly what I would call rock & roll, but he is a genius, and that counts for something. It would be fun to see Madonna sing "The Stranger Song" at the evening-closing jam on induction night. Baseball equivalent: Kid Nichols

John Cougar Mellencamp Heartland rock isn't exactly what the Hall of Fame usually goes for, but Mellencamp's had an awfully long career with hits that just keep on comin'. Plus, as the "Crumblin' Down" video proved, he's extremely limber. Baseball equivalent: Al Kaline

The Ventures I don't really follow these things, but I don't get what differentiates the Ventures from Dick Dale or the Surfaris. They may very well be qualified; I just don't know. They did have a Top Ten hit with the "Hawaii Five-O" theme as late as 1969. And if you get them confused with the Vogues, you also give them credit for "Five O'Clock World." Baseball equivalent: Bill Mazeroski

The Dave Clark Five Now these guys I do have an opinion on: No. If every single British Invasion band gets in, it really cheapens the honor, doesn't it? And what exactly does the DC5 have going for them? Were their singles more distinctive or memorable than those of Johnny Rivers? Did they have more hits than Johnny Rivers? Then why summon them before Johnny Rivers? Baseball equivalent: Jesse Haines

Gamble and Huff It's hard to argue with guys who have a whole sound named after them. They're certainly more deserving than their proteges the O'Jays, who made it in 2005. One hopes this will pave the way for the Stylistics. Baseball equivalent: Earl Weaver

Little Walter Again, I know very little about him, even less than I do about L'il Wally, who is a completely different guy. As such, I will defer to my betters. Baseball equivalent: Judy Johnson


Rob said...

you're right, Madonna and Leonard would make a cute duet couple, especially since "The Stranger Song" has the exact same lyrics as "Gambler" (from the "Vision Quest" soundtrack)!

Also it would be fun to hear Leonard sing "Justify My Love," which is totally his kind of song ("yearning...burning...for you...")

"Dave Clark Five = Jesse Haines"--totally brilliant.

T. Nawrocki said...

Did you ever notice how all of Madonna's best songs are from her soundtrack work? "Crazy for You" is also from VisionQuest, as I'm sure you know, and then there's "Beautiful Stranger" from Austin Powers, "I'll Remember" from that Harvard-homeless thing....

Anonymous said...

"Al Kaline." You're a fucking genius. Pardon my French. (Or rather, pardonnez-moi le ... something French.)

T. Nawrocki said...


Anonymous said...

Is that French or something?